Leaked images reveal Android Lollipop running on Galaxy Note 4

n4 leather
Rob Schultz

We loved the Galaxy Note 4, though its biggest drawback (as is often the case with Samsung devices) was the oppressive TouchWiz software.

Samsung may be going for a softer touch on its phones with Lollipop, as indicated by some leaked screenshots to hit Twitter that show Android 5.0 running on a Galaxy Note 4.

We don’t get to see much else beyond the lock screen and notifications, but this early look hints there may be just a little more Lollipop and less TouchWiz when this finally goes live.

The drop-down Notification Center and quick settings are more Samsung-inspired with the stark neon, but the pop-up notifications and lock-screen display both look closer to pure Lollipop.

We saw this type of teaser on the Galaxy S5, so it’s a good indication that Samsung is working away at bringing Lollipop to its flagship phones. With Motorola and Nexus devices already getting the big 5.0 update, Samsung needs to keep pace to keep buyers of its top-tier phones happy.

Why this matters: Samsung's dominating sales may be slipping, but it still sells a ton of phones. And the Galaxy Note 4 is one of the best this year, especially if you’re after a phablet-style device. Its excellent screen and camera would make a compelling choice if combined with the latest version of Android, especially for those tempted by the difficult-to-buy Nexus 6.

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