Leaked video shows Sense 6 looks mostly the same, save for a few new features

htcone sense leaks

We're only a week away from the impending release of one of the most hyped phone releases in the last year, the "All New" HTC One. Since we've exhausted ourselves ruminating about what's inside the phone, the hearsay has switched over to what's bubbling in HTC's Android overlay, Sense 6. 

Just like the last major leak, the rumors started with a leaked YouTube video, the original of which has been pulled. There are plenty of mirrors up, however, of the detailed walkthrough of the new Sense 6 interface. While we expect the new UI to debut with the All New HTC One, in the video it is seen running on the original HTC One.

Sense 6 sits atop Android 4.4.2 and still features the same clean lines, narrow typeface, and a soft black and white color scheme that was prevalent in Sense 5. As is now standard with Sense 5.5, the apps drawer features an extra row of icons, as well as a quick launch button for the Google Play store and the ability to organize apps in different modes.

htcone gestures leak

The video also shows a series of new Motion Launch gestures that let you swipe to launch the widget panel or double tap to wake up the screen. Since this is still considered an unofficial leak, there's no word on if the interface update will make its way to older HTC One handsets. 

We'll explore the new Sense 6 in depth once the phone hits the shelves. Be sure to join us next week where we'll be reporting live from the unveiling of the All New HTC One on Monday, March 25 at 11:00 AM EST/ 8:00 AM PST.

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