New HTC One leaked in insufferable 12-minute video

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 3 Mar 2014

The rumors of a modified design bigger screen for the new HTC One are correct, at least according to a 12-minute leaked video.

The video is still on YouTube for now, shows what may be a redesigned aluminum chassis with a microSD card slot. (The leaker’s commentary is not particularly enlightening or enjoyable, so you may want to watch with the sound down.)

th the original One, HTC used “injection molding” to swich white polycarbonate siding between plates of aluminum. It looked lovely, but it was a nightmare to repair. The new HTC One will reportedly use a single slab of aluminum instead, will have a microSD slot on one of its edges. In the video, the shade of aluminum on the new model seems darker than the silver hue of the original One.

The video appears to confirm some other rumored details about the new HTC One, including a larger screen (likely a 5-inch, 1080p panel) with software Android buttons, along with dual cameras on the phone’s back side. However, the leaker didn’t have any idea what the additional lens was for, only noting that the camera took very nice photos. It’s possible that the lens could allow users to refocus their photos after taking the shot.

htconeleak2 YouTUbe

New HTC One on the left, old One on the right.

though HTC sold back its shares in Beats Audio last fall, HTC may still use Beats to enhance sound quality on the new One. During music playback, the video shows the Beats icon at the top of the screen, just like the current One. Still, the leaker claims that sound quality on the new model isn’t quite as good.

For software, HTC’s Sense interface looks largely the same as it does on the current One, with some minor visual refinements. Features such as the BlinkFeed news ticker on the home screen Zoe photo experience make a reappearance.

HTC fans will have to wait a few more weeks for the official details. A press event where HTC is likely to announce the new One is scheduled for h 25.