Google Play Music update brings a wealth of new features, including offline radio caching

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Google’s been on a heavy updating spree lately. Last week it updated apps like Google Search and Maps, and Wednesday the search giant pushed out an updated to Google Play Music. 

Those of you with a number of devices laying around can now check to see which of your devices have access to your Google Music library. You can manage them directly from the app, and then reauthorize them as you see fit. Remember that you’re only allowed up to ten authorized devices, including any Google TV-powered set top boxes.

googlemusic update1

It’s definitely annoying when you’re underground on transit and can’t stream your music, but Wednesday’s update lets you pre-cache entire radio stations for offline playback. All you have to do is tap the mini Settings button and select Keep on device to being downloading the tracks.

googlemusic update2

Other updates to the Google Music app include bug fixes associated with Chromecast, an option to refresh your music library, and a play next button that lets you play songs without having to shuffle around an entire playlist. There are also a few more options available in the side bar.

The Google Music for Android update has begun rolling out. You can wait for it to update automatically or grab it in the Google Play store.

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