Top 5 Icon Packs for Android

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 10 Jan 2014

Icon packs are a great way of customizing the looks of your Android device. While the stock launcher does not support icon packs, nearly all the popular third party launchers on Android do, which makes it a great incentive to use them. If you are not sure about which launcher to use, you can read our article on to know which are the top 5 launchers available for Android. 

Now that you have settled down on your favorite launcher, it is time to shift your attention to icon packs. The Play Store is filled with numerous beautifully made icon packs, but not all of them will be of your liking. To help you get started on your icon pack search, we list down 5 icon packs, which we consider among the best and must-have on the Play Store.

Stark – Stark is one of the most popular, and my favorite, icon pack on the Play Store. It packs in more than 1400+ icons with a cloud-based wallpaper gallery to go with it. All the icons have been rendered at 144px for extra clarity on HD devices.


These icons are perfect for minimalists. We’ve taken the stock application icons and given them a flat treatment. When added to your Android homescreen, these icons will add a colorful & clean look. If you are looking for tasteful icons to top off your device, these are what you’ve been waiting for.

Stark can be purchased from the Play Store for $2.49.

Axis – Axis is a relatively new icon pack to land on the Play Store with more than 1000 HD icons and 10 HD wallpapers. The icons are based on the vintage theme look, making this icon pack stand out from the rest on the Play Store.


Axis is a launcher theme that features a beautiful mix of minimal, flat, and vintage styles. Each icon has been handcrafted to ensure the highest level of detail and complete uniformity within the pack.

Axis can be purchased from the Play Store for $2.49.

Nox – Nox is made by the developer of Stark — Kodev. Like Stark, Nox icon pack also consists of more than 1400+ HD icons and a cloud-based wallpaper picker. Nox is a very popular icon pack on the Play Store with an excellent rating of 4.8 stars on the Play Store.


These icons are designed to be bright, colorful and crisp. Let the long shade give your Android homescreen creations a brand new perspective. We’ve crafted each icon to be reminiscent of the stock icon, but with a whole new dimension to each of them. If you are looking for icons that will pop off your screen, these are what you’ve been waiting for.

Nox can be purchased from the Play Store for $2.49.

Blitz – Blitz icons do not differ much from the stock icons. Instead of creating new icons, the developers have given the stock icons a flat look which provides them with a fresh new look while still maintaining a level of familiarity.

The icon pack is a bit sparse on icons though with only around 420+ icons, though they are in 144x resolution for increased clarity.


Blitz is a flat icon pack designed for those who are passionate in theming their own Android devices without sacrificing the original look of the icon. We offer you with amazing icons for optimizing your home screen experience

Blitz Pro can be purchased from the Play Store for $1.29, but there is a free version of the icon pack as well with 150+ icons.

Goolors – Goolors is another square and flat icon pack in this list. However, the icons are very colorful in nature which when coupled with their new icon designs for majority of the apps, make them a must have.


The icon pack consists of more than 1300+ HD icons with 18 wallpapers thrown in as well. If you are tired of the square shaped icon packs, you can also have a look at Goolors Elipse, which have rounded edges.

If you are a bit apprehensive about buying icon packs, I’d strongly recommend you to check out MIUI 5 and Mianogen icon packs, which are completely free to download and use.

Some other excellent icon packs on the Play Store that are not mentioned above include Tersus, KK, Stock UI Icon, Flatro, Hexacon, Tendere and Umbra.

Missed an excellent icon pack? Drop in a comment and let us know!