T-Mobile Moto X support added to the bootloader unlock program

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 9 Sep 2013


Back when Motorola announced the Moto X in early August, the company did not mention much about the bootloader status of the handset. Motorola  handsets have been generally very tightly locked, but it was expected that with the acquisition from Google, things will change. 

Over the following weeks, Motorola clarified that the Moto X is going to ship with an unlockable bootloader on Sprint, U.S. Cellular, T-Mobile and Rogers. Developer editions of the Moto X will also be made available sometime down the line, one for Verizon’s network, and the other one being a general North American variant.


With the Moto X now slowly being available on all major U.S carriers, the bootloader unlock tool for the handset went live over the weekend. Initially, the tool only supported the Sprint and U.S Cellular version of the handset, but was updated today to add support for the T-Mobile variant as well.

The T-Mobile variant of the Moto X went up for sale on motorola.com earlier today, and can only be purchased for an off-contract price of $599.99.

With the bootloader unlock tool going live, and the kernel sources already available, the developer community for the Moto X is all set to grow. An unlockable bootloader will allow developers to easily tinker around with the system files, and easily port custom ROMs to the handset.

Motorola is also expected to unveil the developer variant of the Moto X tomorrow.