Stump root brings one-click root access to the LG G3

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 18 Aug 2014


Developers over at XDA forums had already managed to find a loophole in LG’s security system on the G3, which allowed them to easily gain root access on it. Sadly, the method did not work on the CDMA variants of the device, which was a bummer for many.

Luckily for owners of the G3 though, the team of jcase, IOMonster, Autoprime, PlayfulGod and Team Codefire have managed to find another security vulnerability on the G3 that allows them to gain root access on device in just a single click. Additionally, the exploit has already been found to work on the CDMA as well as the T-Mobile, Verizon, Spring and AT&T variants of the G3.

Gaining root access on the G3 using Stump root is as simple as installing its APK, and then tapping the “Grind” button in the app.

Don’t fret if the app does not work on your variant of the G3 for some reason. Just make sure to give the developers all the information about your G3 variant along with relevant logs, and they should add support for it down the line.

[Via XDA, Reddit]