Moto 360 used to answer calls on the iPhone [Video]

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 17 Mar 2015

Remember developer Mohammad Abu-Gabreyyeh who got the iPhone to work with Android Wear running smartwatches? Well, while he has not yet released his development to the public, he did upload a new video on YouTube today that shows him accepting calls on his iPhone 6 Plus using the Moto 360.

As the developer had revealed previously, he managed to get his Moto 360 to work with his iPhone 6 Plus by using the Apple Notification Centre Service (ANCS) APIs and installing a modified APK on his smartwatch. The method works on all other Andorid Wear running smartwatches and other iOS 8 running devices.

The developer is using the same APIs to accept a call from his Moto 360 that he received on the iPhone 6 Plus.

Sadly, the developer has still not released the required APKs and files for Android Wear smartwatches to work with the iPhone 6 or other iOS 8 running devices, and has not provided any ETA for it as well.