Striaght Talk to offer LTE service to compatible 4G phones from AT&T

BY Kelly Hodgkins

Published 13 Sep 2013


As reported by Android Central, prepaid carrier Straight Talk announced today that its $45 Unlimited Data, Talk and Text plan will now support AT&T’s LTE network. To take advantage of this faster data connection, customers must purchase a new $7 SIM card and use it in a compatible 4G phone. The phone does not have to be unlocked; any 4G phone from AT&T can take advantage of this offer.

Customers have to purchase either a SIM card or micro-SIM card from Straight Talk and activate the Unlimited Data, Talk and Text plan. There are no contracts, no bills, and no credit checks. You’ll even be able to keep your same phone number. It’ll be compatible with several Android phones like the new G2, but not the most recent iPhones ,which have switched to nano-SIM cards.

Today announcement comes shortly after AT&T extended its LTE service to AIO wireless, another prepaid MVNO. It’s a wise move by AT&T. Now that it’s LTE network is maturing and available nationwide, why not sell access to smaller carriers who want to offer LTE to their customers, but don’t have the resources to build out their own network.

[Via The Verge and Android Central]