More Sony smart shot details leak, including the suggested price tags, which are totally insane

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 2 Sep 2013

I like to think that cameras can fit into one of three categories. You have smartphones, which have easily replaced the point and shoot segment. Then you have Micro Four Thirds, for people who want super high quality images, but don’t want to carry around a “professional” camera. And then there’s obviously the pro market. People who spend more on a camera body (camera without a lens) than what you pay to rent your apartment … for half a year.

Sony wants to mix things up a bit a bit by introducing something called “Smart Shot”. The concept is easy enough to understand. You take a decently high end Sony camera, rip off the LCD screen, shove some NFC and WiFi circuitry in there, and then a clip so that the lens hangs off the back of your phone.

In other words, Sony wants to turn cameras into a smartphone accessory.

According to the newest leaks, there will be two Smart Shot devices launched at Sony’s press conference this week. One will be called the QX10 and cost $250. The other will be known as the QX100 and cost $450. Both will have internal storage, though I’m not really clear for what exactly that’s for.

Anyway, all will be known in a little less than 60 hours.