Android 13 Update Is Now Arriving on These Sony Xperia Phones

BY Ronil

Published 14 Dec 2022

Android 13 Update on Sony Xperia

Sony’s Xperia line of smartphones might not have set the sales chart on fire, but they are still plump for many over other options available in the market. Currently, many smartphone manufacturers are pushing Android 13 software updates to their devices, and it’s about time for Sony to hop on the bandwagon and refresh its smartphone with the latest Android version.

It has been a while since we last heard from the company about bringing the newest Android on its smartphone, but that has changed, as users on Reddit are witnessing Android 13 software updates on their devices. However, it is only available to a handful of Xperia smartphones in selected regions.

XDA Developers first reported about this, and as per the report, Sony Xperia 5 IV, 1 III, 5III, and Pro-I are among the first phones from the company to receive the Android 13 firmware update. The update for the fourth-gen Xperia 5 is rolling out in southeast Asia with build number 64.1.A.0.857 and in Japan with 64.1.C.0.90 build number.

On the other hand, only the southeast Asian models of Sony Xperia 1 III, 5III, and Pro-I are receiving the update. It comes in the form of 61.2.A.0.382 for the 1 III, 61.2.A.0.381 for the 5 III, and 61.2.F.0.147 for the Pro-I. If you have an Xperia flagship phone, check for a software update.

While the update is limited to selected regions, folks within the same territory report that they are yet to receive it, suggesting a staged rollout. It should only take days before the update reaches a broader audience. You can expect the same changes that came to the Pixel phones with the Android 13 update to arrive on these phones, including advanced Material You support and per-app language settings, among other enhancements in the user interface.