Renders Suggests Sony Could Bring Back Xperia Compact Series

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 25 Jan 2021

The average smartphone size might have increased with each passing year. However, the demand for small-screened smartphone still exists. Sony Xperia Compact series promised a class-leading specification within a smaller package. Last year even iPhone resurrected the SE lineup. Good news is that Sony is working on bringing back Xperia compact.

The rumoured Sony Xperia Compact will feature a relatively large 5.5-inch display. However, it will come with slimmer bezels and is expected to rival iPhone 12 mini. We also believe the pricing of the device will be in the premium range. The leaked renders show off Xperia Compact. We get to see Sony’s signature rectangular design reminiscent of previous Xperia phones. Also visible is a large notch and rounded off corners.

Sony is likely to fit the device in 140 x 68.9 x 8.9mm, which is not bad. Furthermore, the Xperia Compact will get a headphone jack, camera hardware button and a side-mounted fingerprint sensor that doubles up as a power button. Camera options include a dual rear camera setup.

We presumed the Xperia Compact to be a flagship device. This is doubtful since the renders reveal dual rear camera setup. Another explanation is that it could be a mid-range compact Xperia meant for the Japanese market. Or the device might launch with Xperia L5 moniker. The device in question is expected to be launched in the upcoming weeks.

Our Take

More than often we have been baffled by the lack of compact Android device with decent specifications. However, the Xperia Compact might end up as a classic case of too little too late. The renders look very dated and Sony is likely to have a hard time selling it.

[via Voice]