Sony Reportedly Killing Off C and M Series Devices

BY Evan Selleck

Published 16 May 2016

Xperia X

In the early part of the year, Sony officially announced a new series of handsets under the X-brand, including the X Performance at the top of the pyramid.

A little after that announcement, Sony also confirmed that it would not be launching an Xperia Z6, either, effectively leaving the mid-range and premium devices within the X series of devices. However, the C and M series handsets still existed at the time, too. But apparently they might not be for much longer.

According to reports, Sony is also ending the C and M series of devices. As a result, the X series of handsets will apparently be the only family lineup left standing. That would suggest Sony has plans of launching affordable devices down the road, with less-than-mid-range specs, but there is no official word just yet.

What do you think of this move from Sony, if it’s true?

[via XperiaBlog]