Samsung unveils official Galaxy S5 wireless charging back covers

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 5 Apr 2014


The Galaxy S5 is packed to the brim with features but it lacks a seemingly minor but useful feature — wireless charging. Samsung has never included inbuilt wireless charging on its devices, probability because of its limited usefulness, and the S5 is no different. However, like it did with the Note 3 and S4, the Korean giant has released not one, but two accessories that brings Qi wireless charging feature to its latest flagship. 

Both the back covers only come in black and white colors but retain the IP67 certification of the handset. The $29.99 charging cover looks similar to the back cover that the S5 ships with except that it adds wireless charging.

The second one, however, features a faux leather back as seen on the Note 3 and also adds a front-facing S View cover. It comes in at a pretty hefty $69.99 though.

Both the covers are already up for pre-order and should arrive at your doorstep around the same time as your Galaxy S5. Below are the links for the accessories: