Samsung seems to have silently fixed the Galaxy Note 5’s pen-gate issue

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 18 Jan 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Titanium Silver

Samsung received a lot of flak after launching the Galaxy Note 5 for its pen-gate issue where inserting the S-Pen the wrong way into the slot damaged the sensor inside it permanently.

While Samsung did not accept the issue publicly, there was no denying the fact that this was a huge design oversight from the Korean company.

New Galaxy Note 5 motherboard

Now, it looks like Samsung has silently fixed the issue on newer batches of the Note 5. An image received by Phandroid shows a new switch on the mainboard of the Note 5 that does not break when the S-Pen is accidentally inserted the wrong way into the phone, as confirmed by the sender of the image.

Existing Note 5 owners with a broken S-Pen slot must be pretty pissed at this design oversight from Samsung, but at least Samsung got around to fixing the issue in newer variants of the handset. Unfortunately, there is no way of telling which variant of the Note 5 comes with the new S-Pen detection mechanism and which one does not.

[Via Phandroid]