Samsung Galaxy Note 7 To Be Relaunched As a Refurbished Device

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 27 Mar 2017

Confirming previous reports, Samsung today announced that it will be offering refurbished and recycled Galaxy Note 7 units to customers. The company has laid down three principles to ensure that all the Galaxy Note 7 units it has received so far are recycled and processed in an environmentally-friendly manner.

The first principle requires that recycled devices will only be used as refurbished or rental phones wherever applicable. Second, from faulty Galaxy Note 7 units, the company will only be reusing the salvageable components. Lastly, the company will be using environment-friendly methods for metal extraction and other similar methods and will employ the help of third-party services.

For units which cannot be refurbished, Samsung will be using the help of a third-party service to detach chipsets and camera modules from the devices and use it for its sample production purposes. And for the leftover component recycling, Samsung will first be extracting precious metals like copper, nickel, gold, and silver — again with the help of third-party companies that specialise in the process by using environment-friendly methods.

Samsung says that refurbished Galaxy Note 7 will only be available in markets where the handset receives the necessary regulatory approval and where there is still a potential demand for the handset. The release date and launch markets of the handset will be “determined accordingly.”

Will you buy a Galaxy Note 7 if Samsung re-launches one in your market?

[Via Samsung]