Samsung Will Offer a Galaxy Note 8 Discount for Galaxy Note 7 Owners

BY Evan Selleck

Published 23 Aug 2017

Galaxy Note 7 Onyx

Last year saw a lot of people buy a Galaxy Note 7, and, unfortunately, many of them turned the device back in after the company recalled the unit a couple of different times.

But now Samsung is looking to make it right, almost a year later, by offering a discount on its newest phablet, the Galaxy Note 8. The company has officially confirmed during the press event that it will be offering a relatively steep discount on the Galaxy Note 8 for Galaxy Note 7 owners. The company will be offering upwards of $425 off the Galaxy Note 8 with a trade-in. And considering the price for the handset will be $900 or more, that discount is a big one.

Potential customers will be able to take advantage of the discount beginning Thursday, August 24. That’s when pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 8 go live.

Samsung had to recall upwards of 3 million units last year, and even some replacement units that the company sent out after an initial recall had to be recalled, too. That event cost Samsung $5 billion, and this discount for the Galaxy Note 8 will certainly see a dent in the bottom line, too. However, it’s a move that Samsung had to make to try and make last year’s events right for Galaxy Note 7 owners.

Samsung wants to make up for what happened in 2016. The Galaxy Note 8 itself will go a long way to help with that, but offering a cheaper entry ticket to the handset, courtesy of a discount for loyalty, is another way to get there, too.

Did you own a Galaxy Note 7?