Samsung Looking to Recover Gold, Copper and Other Rare Metals from Recalled Galaxy Note 7 Units

BY Chethan Rao

Published 18 Jul 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - Recall

Following protests by environmental groups like Greenpeace regarding Samsung’s mass dumping of recalled Galaxy Note 7s and the impact it has on the nature, Samsung has decided to recover some components from these devices including rare metals like cobalt, copper, gold, and silver. These materials could be sold off separately as they cannot be reused on any of its devices.

As a result of the extraction, Samsung is now expecting to recover 157 tons of scrap metal. The company aims to reuse some key components such as display panels, camera modules, and even processors for repairs or simply sell them off to interested parties.

This way, Samsung can hope to make some amends for the $5.4 billion it lost in operating profits as a direct consequence of the Galaxy Note 7 recall. Samsung relaunched the handset as the Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition in South Korea earlier this month.

Even as we’re almost nearing the one year mark since the Galaxy Note 7 was recalled, it seems like Samsung is still pretty much in damage control. Up until recently, the company was struggling to get every unit of the Galaxy Note 7 into safety as there were a few customers who held on to their units.

Despite the massive setback suffered by Samsung, the company came back strongly with the Galaxy S8 and the S8+ earlier this year. Although some reports have mentioned that the sales aren’t nearly as good as the predecessors, Samsung has claimed otherwise.

[Via Reuters]