Rumor: LG to unveil a 5.9 inch 2K resolution phone next month, 5.5 inch 2K phone in May

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 20 Jan 2014

Just as 2012 was the year of 720p flagship phones and 2013 was the year of 1080p flagship phone, this year will be all about “2K” phones. I say “2K” because technically it’s 1440p, but marketing people seem hell bent on getting people to say “2K”, so that’s that. As I was saying, you can expect Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, everyone really, to announce a 2K phone during the next few months. According to the Korean media, LG will be unveiling a 5.9 inch 2K phone called the LG G Pro 2 at Mobile World Congress next month. A few months later, in May, they’ll launch a 5.5 inch 2K phone called the LG G3.

Should you be excited about either of these devices? Yes and no. The LG G2, which I played with for a few weeks, was an amazing device, but it was impossible to fall in love with due to the software. If you think TouchWiz should be classified as a crime against humanity, don’t even think about buying an LG phone.

That being said, it appears that LG will beat Samsung, again, at creating an ultra high end phablet. Remember the original G Pro? It came out just a handful of months after the Note II, yet it had a higher resolution screen and faster processor. Assuming this G Pro 2 rumor is accurate, then that means it’ll spank the Note 3, which is barely three months old at this point.

Bleeding edge specifications aside, a phone is more than a spec sheet. And unless LG plans on offering the G Pro 2 or G3 as a Google Play Edition handset, something tells me they’re not going to be worth your trouble.