Razer Phone Ships with Nova Launcher Prime as Its Default Launcher

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 2 Nov 2017

Razer, the company known for its gaming laptops, revealed its first smartphone earlier today: the Razer Phone. Packing an impressive spec sheet which boasts of a 5.72-inch 120Hz display and 8GB RAM, the Razer Phone is also the first Android device from an OEM to ship with Nova Launcher Prime pre-loaded.

Most power Android users will need no introduction to Nova Launcher. The most popular third-party launcher on the Play Store, Nova Launcher has been the go-to launcher for advanced users over the years irrespective of the device they use just because of the sheer amount of customisation it offers and its feature set. This includes being able to apply custom icon packs, gestures, app search, customisable grid size for home screen and app drawer, and more. And since the phone ships with the Prime version of the launcher, all the advanced customisation options are completely unlocked as well.

And since Nova Launcher ships as a stock app on the Razer Phone, it also comes with native Google Now integration which does not require any workaround like on other phones where the launcher is installed from the Play Store.

The Razer Phone ships with the latest stable build of the launcher: v5.4. Kevin Barry, the developer of Nova Launcher, notes that despite being a system app and being pre-loaded on the Razer Phone, Nova Launcher will continue to get updated to future stable builds on the device through the Play Store. Only for now though, users will not be able install Nova 5.5 beta on their Razer Phone.

[Via Medium]