OnePlus to stop the production of StyleSwap covers due to technical difficulties

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 18 Sep 2014


When the OnePlus One was initially announced, the company had teased ‘StyleSwap’ covers for the handset in a bunch of different materials including Denim, Kevlar and Bamboo. The covers were supposed to go on sale late last month or early in September, but that never happened. 

Today, Carl from OnePlus announced on the company’s forums that they have decided to stop the production of StyleSwap covers due to technical difficulties. According to Carl, they have been facing “technical difficulties in mass producing the StyleSwap covers at an acceptable level of quality,” which has led to a very low number of StyleSwap covers passing their Quality Assurance tests.

The extremely tricky removal process of the back cover on the OnePlus One was also a deciding factor for the company to ditch the idea of StyleSwap covers.

OnePlus still has limited quantities of Bamboo covers for the OnePlus One, and they will soon be posting instructions (invites?) on how interested buyers can get their hands on it. Lastly, the company is also looking to release a limited edition of the OnePlus One with a Kevlar or Denim back right out of the box and will be providing more information about it down the line.

[Via OnePlus]