Oh look, another Xperia Honami leak

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 31 Jul 2013

Sony is going to hold a press conference on September 4th in Berlin where it’s widely believed that they’re going to announce their next flagship phone, the Xperia i1. The name is subject to change, of course, and you probably know it better by its codename: Honami. What’s going to make Honami special? It’s going to have a 20 megapixel camera. That combined with the latest Snapdragon 800 from Qualcomm and 2 GB of RAM mean it has a serious chance at being a photographer’s best friend.

According to a SOURCE REDACTED BY REQUEST, the photo you’re looking at above is what the back of Honami looks like. Why are the numbers replaced by XX? This is a common thing to do with prototypes. Nokia used to do that when I was working there, and they still do it today based on all the Lumia 1020 leaks that hit the internet a few weeks ago.

What about the G, what’s that all about? Sony makes their own lenses for their high end cameras, which are appropriately call “G-Lenses”. So if you connect the dots, it looks like that “G” branding will soon be brought to their smartphone portfolio.

We’re not really going to know if this camera is any good or not until it’s reviewed, however.