Nokia takes on Google and Samsung in KitKat-inspired threat

BY Kelly Hodgkins

Published 5 Sep 2013


While everyone is talking about the KitKat-ification of Android and Samsung’s newest hardware, some folks at Nokia are taking advantage of this social chatter by posting up an image that makes fun of Google and Samsung in an odd, threatening way.


Spotted by The Verge, this humorous, yet  mildly disturbing image was posted on Twitter by Nokia’s German account. It shows a Samsung Galaxy S3 broken in half and accompanied by the words “Have a break, have a …”, which is a play on the KitKat slogan “Gimme a break.” The breaking of the device is a reference to KitKat’s reputation as a candy that is easy to break, and the red backdrop on the image is taken from KitKat’s bright red labeling. Despite it’s violent overtones, the image is done in jest and is part of a bigger marketing battle between Nokia and Samsung in the mobile phone marketplace.

Nokia is losing market share at a record pace, while Samsung has climbed its way to the top by displacing companies like LG and Apple. It must be a tough pill for Nokia to swallow as it was the world’s top mobile phone manufacturer from 1998 to 2011. The Finnish handset maker finally lost its title to Samsung in 2012, and now it is on its way to Microsoft in a $7 billion deal. What better way to vent some of that angst than to break some fake Galaxy  S III phones

[Via Twitter and The Verge]