Talon updated to version 2.6, brings new icon and other improvements

BY Evan Selleck

Published 4 Aug 2014

Talon update

Talon, one of the most popular Twitter applications for Android, has been updated with plenty of improvements, both user-facing and not, and has the extensive changelog to improve it.

The update to version 2.6 brings a new icon to the fore, and it’s certainly one that will stand out on any one of your Android-based desktops. Other than that, though, for anyone who has been using Talon for their Twitter fix will notice a tweaked, and slightly improved Compose window for their tweets. Also, there are now a pair of “Android L”-inspired themes for the preview version of Talon, which are both open source.

If you want to get your fingers atop some Android L-based Roboto fonts, you’ll just have to dig into the Settings and find the setting. Unlike the themes, though, this doesn’t take any extra downloads, so you can experience that particular change “right out of the box,” so to speak.

While the visual changes are certainly appealing, Klinker Apps has also included some additional functionality with your tweeting. Now, users will be able to add a GIF to their tweets, or you can upload multiple images if you want. The app has undergone some improvements behind the scenes as well, with some bug squashing for good measure, to make the overall experience smoother.

Do you use Talon, or do you prefer another Twitter app?

[Via +Luke Klinker]