Nintendo’s upcoming console will not run on Android

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 2 Jun 2015


Nintendo today shot down rumors about its next-generation console — codenamed “NX — running Android. 

A report from a Japanese daily Nikkei from yesterday claimed that Nintendo is planning on using Android as the OS for its ‘NX’ console as it will attract more developers. However, a Nintendo spokesman today shot down these reports and said that the rumors were completely baseless.

“There is no truth to the report saying that we are planning to adopt Android for NX,” a Nintendo spokesman said.

Not much is known about Nintendo’s upcoming game console at this point, and now, one thing is for certain: the console will not be running Android.

Nintendo had announced earlier this year that it will be releasing up to five games for ‘smart devices’ by March 2017.

Nintendo’s video games business has been struggling in recent times, and the company has been trying to reinvent itself and stay relevant. The success of its upcoming console — whenever it is launched — will come at a crucial point for the company, and might just decide whether it will stay relevant with times or not.

[Via WSJ]