75+ Coolest Android 9 Pie Features You Need to Know

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 29 Aug 2018

Android 9 Pie Features

Android Pie comes with plenty of new features and enhancements which aim to deliver an even better user experience than Nougat. In this article, we take a look at our favorite Android 9 Pie features.

Many of the improvements in Android Pie are aimed at keeping a tab on one’s smartphone usage habits in check, while others make extensive use of AI to tailor an experience that’s better suited to the end user.

If you are looking for an exhaustive list of all the new Android 9 Pie features, check out the list below. Pie might take its own sweet time to arrive on your Android device but until then you can always drool over its features.

Android 9 Pie Features

  1. New gesture navigation system
  2. Support for displays with notch
  3. New Recent apps view (a.k.a Overview screen)
  4. Text and image selection from new Overview screen
  5. Redesigned Quick Settings
  6. Quick Settings toggle are no longer expandable
  7. New rotation icon
  8. Material Design 2 for system settings
  9. App Actions — Uses Machine learning to try and automatically guess your next move
  10. Slices — Shows in-app actions in the app drawer
  11. Adaptive Brightness
  12. Adaptive Battery
  13. Enhanced Do Not Disturb — Hides all visual interruptions
  14. Dashboard — Gives an overview of your smartphone usage habits
  15. App Timer — You can restrict the amount of time you can spend inside an app on a daily basis
  16. Shush — Not a part of the initial Android Pie release.
  17. Wind Down — Turns your phone’s display into monochrome
  18. Automatically hides frequently dismissed notifications
  19. Maximum of 4 notification icons in the status bar
  20. Revamped Google launcher with Google search bar moved to the bottom
  21. Rotation lock button shows up in the navigation bar when the phone is turned to landscape mode
  22. Improved volume controls
  23. Ability to markup screenshots
  24. Lockdown mode
  25. App Standby Buckets groups apps based on use and limits resources for infrequently used ones
  26. New Accessibility menu
  27. Screenshot option in Power menu
  28. Option to select Dark theme for certain system elements
  29. Smart text selection
  30. Improved notification management
  31. Enhanced Message notification experience with media preview
  32. Smart reply for notifications
  33. Simplified Notification channel
  34. Ability to pair up to 5 Bluetooth devices
  35. Support for HEIF and HDR VP9 video formats
  36. Over 150+ new emojis
  37. Password autofill now works in browsers
  38. Improved Ambient display
  39. ART improvements for faster app loading and installation times
  40. Digital Wellbeing
  41. Support for multi-camera streams
  42. New system animations
  43. A new unified system dialog box for biometric authentication
  44. Wi-Fi RTT support for indoor positioning
  45. Improved security by using TLS as default
  46. DNS over TLS for all web communications
  47. Secure transactions via Protected Confirmation APIs
  48. New Call log permission to prevent apps from accessing call logs if not required
  49. Wired charging sound
  50. Ring mode shortcut — Power and Volume Up button
  51. Calendar event on lock screen
  52. Repositioned clock to the left on the status bar
  53. Clock icon shows the actual time
  54. Battery Saving Location tracking mode has been removed
  55. Configurable Battery save mode
  56. Granular vibration control settings
  57. Bluetooth icon will automatically disappear from status bar when no devices are connected
  58. Android Auto Wireless support
  59. New way to activate Split screen
  60. Touching the fingerprint scanner will keep the device awake
  61. Bluetooth settings have been tweaked
  62. ‘Downloads’ app renamed to ‘Files’
  63. Tweaked app icons and iconography
  64. Camera and microphone cannot be accessed by apps running in the background
  65. Random MAC address
  66. Hardware acceleration for neural network
  67. Support for Vulkan v1.1
  68. Warning when running older apps built for Android 4.1
  69. SystemUI tuner has been watered down and harder to activate
  70. Blocks custom overlays like Substratum theme from being installed
  71. Puts an end to third-party call recording apps
  72. Enterprise Mobility Management systems can set a custom home screen
  73. Admins can hide certain UI elements in Android Pie
  74. Ability to configure a device as a kiosk
  75. Resized certain system icons

Android 9 Pie Features (Go edition)

  1. Faster boot times
  2. Up to 500MB of additional free space
  3. Verified boot
  4. New dashboard for data consumption overview
  5. Improved security

The above is an exhaustive list of all the new Android 9 Pie features and improvements.

We will continue updating this article if we come across any other changes in Android Pie. And if we have missed any major feature that’s a part of Pie, drop a comment and let us know!