Motorola Gallery updated with Material Design tweaks and more

BY Evan Selleck

Published 16 Mar 2015

For owners of Motorola devices, of which there are probably many, the proprietary Gallery app has received a noteworthy update today.

Motorola’s Gallery app’s latest update, which is available in the Google Play Store right now, changes the icon to look decidedly more Material Design-inspired, while also spreading the aesthetic design across the app as a whole as well. On top of that, the Camera Roll has been given more powerful sorting options, including the ability to sort by event and time.

The app’s update also includes faster means to crop a photo, and for owners of the first- and second-gen Moto X, and/or the DROID Turbo, the app now supports more free music downloads to personalize the Highlight Reel. Also, the Highlight Reel is available for the aforementioned devices only (for now).

If you have a Motorola device, what do you think of the Gallery app?

Download: — Motorola Gallery