Evleaks says Moto Maker is coming to Verizon on November 11

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 4 Oct 2013

Motorola X Sprint

Moto Maker, which allows Moto X owners to customize their device before ordering, has been exclusively available to AT&T customers in the United States. At the time of unveiling the handset, Motorola had stated that this feature will remain exclusive to AT&T for a short time before being available to all carriers in the Stat

Now, according to notorious leaker @evleaks, Moto Maker website would be available to all Verizon customers from November 11th. Right now, if you are on the big Red’s network in the States, you can buy the Moto X in only two colors – black or white – and cannot customize any aspect of the handset.



The Moto Maker website would allow potential Moto X buyers on Verizon to select the color of the different aspects of the handset, the boot screen, storage space and the etching on the back before placing an order.

Moto Maker is one of the highlighted feature of the Moto X and keeping it exclusive to a single operator in the States was not really a wise decision from the Motorola executives. Also, bringing the feature to other carriers more than 2 months after the device was launched is not exactly a short period of time in the tech world.