LG to launch a gold version of the G2

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 14 Jan 2014

I feel bad for LG’s G2. It’s a phone that was released at the wrong time of the year, meaning the press glanced over it. It came out barely a few weeks before Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 3 and Google announced the Nexus 5. Will a new color option get people to pay attention to the G2 again? We’ll soon find out. According to ePrice Taiwan, the G2 will soon be available in a new gold color. The 32 GB version will cost about $565, while the 16 GB model will come in at a hair under $500. Both models don’t have expandable storage, so choose wisely.

So should you buy the G2? It’s a good phone. Some might even call it great. But there are phones out there that are even better. The previously mentioned Nexus 5 delivers a software experience that won’t make you want to rip your eyes out. The Moto X, which will come to Europe in just a few weeks, costs a little bit more and is amazing to hold, though it does have a horrible camera.

The cheap way to get a gold phone is to just buy a case for the phone you already have. I know that sounds gaudy, but just take a stroll through your city’s largest shopping mall and observe all the godawful types of accessories that people slap on their smartphones.