LG G4 to come with a higher price tag due to its vegetable tanned leather back

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 24 Apr 2015

LG G4 leather back

LG has already confirmed that its upcoming smartphone — the G4 — will be coming with a leather back. Today, the company has revealed that the leather back will be vegetable-tanned to give it a “comfortable elegance and an analog feeling.”

The company further said that while a leather back might “look a bit weird,” it will add an “analog feeling” to its upcoming smartphone.

“The G4 is a combination of the latest technology and tradition. This will be one of the most exciting and attractive elements about the G4.”

The company also revealed that it is using vegetable tanning on the G4’s leather back as it was the most environment-friendly way to tan it. The process makes sure that any flaw in the leather — which gives it a unique characteristic — remains intact. Further, the company mentioned that the average processing time for vegetable tanning the G4 back is nearly 12 weeks. For comparison, a normal plastic back for a smartphone takes only four days to be prepared.

Since vegetable tanning is a costly process, LG will be pricing the G4 at a higher price than its previous flagships. The Korean company expects to ship 10 million units of the G4 by year end. The company will be unveiling the handset on April 28, though it has already gone up pre-order in South Korea.

[Source LG | Via Korea Times]