Huawei Mate 20 Pro Tops DxOMark’s Testing, Beats Pixel 3 and iPhone XS Max

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 18 Jan 2019

Mate 20 Pro rear with cams

The folks over at DxOMark have run the Mate 20 Pro’s triple-camera setup through its paces and given it an overall score of 109 points. This puts it at the top spot of DxOMark’s rankings where it shares the crown with Huawei’s own Mate 20 Pro.

This means the Mate 20 Pro managed to beat the likes of iPhone XS Max, Pixel 3/XL, Galaxy Note 9, iPhone XR, and the HTC U12+ in terms of imaging performance. Do note, however, that DxOMark only tested the primary 40MP and secondary 3x telephoto sensor on the Mate 20 Pro. The third 20MP super-wide-angle lens was not tested.

In photos, the Mate 20 Pro scored 114 points, with the publication praising the device for its low noise levels, good zoom, wide dynamic range, and color rendering. However, the Mate 20 Pro’s camera has a tendency of wiping out the fine details from one’s face in bokeh mode and not rendering fine details properly in most scenarios. The autofocus was also inconsistent when using flash.

In stills mode, the Mate 20 Pro’s triple-camera captures images with good target exposure and a wide dynamic range, recording both good highlight and shadow detail even in difficult high-contrast situations. Noise levels are well under control down to low light levels, and the camera’s white balance system and color rendering settings produce a pleasant color response in almost all circumstances. Add a fast and consistent autofocus and excellent zoom capabilities to the mix, and the Mate 20 Pro is hard to beat for stills.

In video recording department, the Mate 20 Pro scored 97 points — one point lower than the P20 Pro. That’s a bit surprising, with DxoMark noting the Mate 20 Pro’s has a tendency to add camera shake and judder while recording videos. On the bright side, it praised the phone’s good autofocus, efficient stabilization, low noise levels, and accurate white balance while recording videos.

So, if you want the best smartphone camera, it looks like the Mate 20 Pro is the one you should buy.

[Via DxOMark]