Purported live render of HTC One mini 2 leaks

BY Abhijeet Mishra

Published 5 May 2014

Purported live render of HTC One mini 2 leaks Like flagship, like mini counterpart. That would be an apt motto for HTC’s latest smartphones – the HTC One M8 was already one of the most leaked smartphones in history, and now, the HTC One mini 2 seems to be following in its footsteps. We saw press renders of the second-generation One mini over the weekend, and we can now feast our eyes on what is supposedly an actual One mini 2 in the wild.

According to PhoneArena, the picture was taken when the phone was being used by a tester in public transportation (whether you believe that is entirely up to you.) It’s not a secret that the HTC One mini 2 will carry the same sleek design as its flagship sibling, but if the leaked picture is the real deal, it would seem HTC has added an extra color accent on the back and sides that gives it a rather sporty look, one that will likely appeal to young consumers. Like PhoneArena suggests, however, the added color might just be a temporary prototype thing, as it wasn’t present in the leaked press renders.

Well, here’s hoping there’s an option to choose from various colors if that extra touch of paint does make it to the final version of HTC’s upcoming mini smartphone.