Google’s Datally App Helps You Manage and Save Mobile Data

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 30 Nov 2017

Google today globally released a new app on the Play Store: Datally. Aimed at users in emerging markets like India and Indonesia, the app helps one keep track of their data usage and save mobile data by offering granular controls over how it is used. 

The app is not new since it was previously known as Triangle and available in selected parts of the world. Google is just revamping it and making it available for all Android users across the globe. The app has been developed keeping Google’s next billion users in mind who would be coming primarily from developing nations where mobile data is still pretty expensive.

While Android already offers built-in mobile data management and data saver mode, Datally breaks it down and presents it in an easy to understand interface. With the app, one can get a breakdown of their data usage on an hourly, weekly and monthly basis. The app also features a data saver mode which prevents apps from using data in the background. It also provides one with granular control over which apps can use data or not. Finally, Datally will automatically notify you when you are near a public Wi-Fi and help you connect to it.

In terms of functionality, Datally does not offer anything new. It is just that it presents the data and options in a more user-friendly way which should help attract more users. While mobile data and Wi-Fi are almost ubiquitous in developed countries, they are still expensive, slow and unreliable in developing countries. With this app, Google hopes to reduce the stress of users from these countries in managing their mobile data.

Download: Datally

[Via Google]