Google Working on AirDrop-like File Sharing Feature ‘Fast Share’

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 1 Jul 2019

Android might pack a lot of features but sharing files between devices is still a pain. Unlike iPhones, Android phones do not have a proper AirDrop-like feature.

While Google did debut Android Beam with Ice Cream Sandwich in 2011, that feature did not get much attention and was poorly implemented since it relied on Bluetooth. With Android Beam getting deprecated in Android Q, Google is working on a new feature called Fast Share.

As the name suggests, the feature is similar to AirDrop in iOS and will allow one to quickly share images, videos, and other files with nearby devices without requiring an active internet connection.

The feature uses Bluetooth and location to populate a list of nearby devices, with the file transfer process happening using Wi-Fi Direct. This will ensure that large files are quickly transferred between devices.

Fast Share

While Google already offers similar functionality with its Files by Google Android app, it only works with Android devices. Fast Share will seemingly also work with Chromebooks and even iPhones.

If anything, it looks like Google is simply porting the file sharing feature of the Files app to Android Q and natively integrating it into the OS. Once enabled, the Fast Share option shows up in the Share menu thereby making it a breeze for users to share files with other nearby devices.

It is likely that we will see Google debut Fast Share as a part of Android Q later this year. However, the feature itself relies on Google Play Services to work so it is possible that the company brings it to older versions of Android as well.

[Via 9to5Google]