Android 10 Officially Rolling out to All Google Pixel Devices

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 3 Sep 2019

Android 10

As speculated earlier, Google has released Android 10 for all Pixel devices. The release date was leaked by Canadian mobile carriers and it has indeed come true. This is the first time Google ditched dessert naming convention for its mobile operating system.

Google claims to be working with a number of partners in order to help them upgrade to Android 10. The Android 10 update is released for all Pixel devices and the list also includes the original Pixel and Pixel XL. It is worth noting that Android 10 has been released after testing with six iterations of beta.

Google’s new Material Theme is more polished and is making way to all the corners of the OS. And Google is finally embracing theming and a global dark mode. Plus there are better privacy options and maybe even a desktop mode in the works.

The Dark Mode on Android 10 has improved leaps from the first beta. It is supported across Settings app, notifications and apps like Google Photos. Google’s latest mobile operating system ushers better privacy features. Android 10 will not allow apps to launch an activity from the background and also scrambles Mac address to enhance the security.

We have seen smartphone manufacturers rushing to offer foldable smartphones. Samsung launched Galaxy F Fold and other manufacturers are likely to follow suit. Android 10 supports foldable devices by supporting responsive apps that change according to the orientation (folded or unfolded.) Furthermore, Android 10 is extending the Slices feature on Android Pie and is blending the same with new Panels UI. This has helped Google implement contextual settings inside apps.

The file manager on Android had been grossly ignored for quite some time. Google has finally decided to revamp the File Manager on Android 10 with Material Theme treatment and new features. You can also check out our curation of 25 Best Android 10 features.