Google’s New ‘In Apps’ Search Mode Makes Searching Content inside Apps Easier

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 31 Aug 2016


Google today introduced a new search mode for its Google Search app for Android devices called In Apps. As the name indicates, the feature will allow one to quickly search for content from within their installed apps on their device.

There is a new ‘In Apps’ tab in the Google Search app now to let you quickly search through content from your installed applications. As Google notes, this search mode can be used to find messages, contacts, listen to your favorite album, quickly watch a video, or search your tasks and notes.

For Now, In Apps will only work with apps like Gmail, Spotify, YouTube. However, in the coming months, Google will expand it to include other popular apps like Messenger, LinkedIn, Evernote, Glide, Todoist, Google Keep, Facebook, and more.

LG V20-In Apps

In Apps search is fully customizable and you can decide on the apps whose results show up in the search results. Plus, the feature does not require an internet connection to work properly.

Google also mentions in its press release that the upcoming LG V20 will feature a dedicated shortcut to the In Apps mode on its homescreen and the secondary ticker screen. And on the V20, users will be able to search for content from within LG’s pre-installed apps as well.