Google Renaming Official Chromecast App to Google Cast

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 22 Mar 2016

Google Cast Vizio

Google’s Chromecast technology has come a long way since its release in 2013. While the tech was initially meant for casting a limited set of content from your Android device to your TV, it now does more than that. Plus, the whole thing has little to do with Chrome now, with the whole technology being based on Google Cast.

So to clear this confusion, Google today announced that it will be renaming the Chromecast app for iOS and Android to Google Cast. The company will be rolling out an update for the Chromecast app later this week that will bring about this change.

While the Chromecast was just for beaming content to TVs from your smartphone, Google Cast is more than that as it allows you to cast content to speakers, displays and TVs.

Additionally, Google also announced that it is partnering with VIZIO for its new SmartCast P-Series displays, soundbars and speakers. All P-Series TVs from Vizio will feature Google Cast support, so you can directly stream content to it without plugging in a Chromecast to it first. Even better, you can cast content 4K content with Dolby Vision High Dynamic range content support, which means better and higher quality content.

[Via Google Chrome blog]