Google Play Music Gets a Machine Learning Powered Revamp

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 14 Nov 2016

Google Play Music Streaming

Google today announced a major revamp of Google Play Music. The company’s “fresh take” on its music streaming service is “smarter, easier to use, and much more assistive.” Like with almost all other services from Google, Play Music now uses machine learning to help play the right music for you depending on your location, mood, activity, and weather.

Google is providing users with the option to opt into its new machine learning powered Play Music. Once a user opts in, Play Music will be able to recommend and play music depending on where you are — at work, relaxing at home, commuting, or working out. Additionally, Google is also adding hand-picked playlists to ensure its streaming service delivers music according to your taste and mood.

The Play Music app is also getting a visual overhaul with a new home screen. Powered by Google’s machine learning, Google says the new home screen is “built just for you” that is your “ultimate personal DJ.”

To make offline music playback listening experience better, the new Play Music will automatically download an offline playlist based on the music you have recently listened to. The app will automatically download this playlist in the background when you put your phone on charge and it is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Google will be rolling out the new Google Play Music experience on Android, iOS, and web from this week across 62 countries.

The music streaming war has heated up greatly in recent times. There is an intense battle going on between Spotify and Apple, with the latter giving its Music app a huge refresh just a year after its formal introduction. Google has largely been on the sidelines with its Play Music streaming service, but it looks like the company now wants a fair share of the streaming music market powered by its new machine learning service.

[Via Google]