Google Glass ‘Enterprise Edition’ to come with a bigger prism display, an Intel Atom CPU, and more

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 9 Jul 2015


The first generation Google Glass Explorer Edition might not have met with success, but Google is working hard on its successor that is being internally called the “Enterprise Edition.”

According to sources of 9to5Google, the new version of Google Glass is going to come with some major improvements and changes. Firstly, Google has increased the size of the prism display to cause less strain on the eyes of the Glass wearer. It is unclear whether Google has increased the resolution of the display as well or not, though the 9to5Google’s source claims it is “better” than the one found on its predecessor.

Additionally, the source reveals that the next generation Google Glass will use an Intel Atom chip that is significantly faster than the TI OMAP chipset used in the Google Glass Explorer Edition. It will also be more power efficient, though the overall battery life is still not good enough for heavy all-day usage. Google also seems to be working on an optional external battery pack for the new Glass that will likely have enough capacity to power the device through a day of heavy usage. (

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In terms of connectivity, the site confirms that Google has equipped recent prototypes of Glass with 5GHz Wi-Fi that should make it more reliable for streaming and other network intensive usage.

Earlier this year, Google Glass graduated from the Google X labs and was given a division of its own that is being headed by Tony Fadell. Rumors suggest that Google will be unveiling a new version of Glass later this year.

[Via 9to5Google]