Google Allo Is Finally Out

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 21 Sep 2016

Google Allo

Google today started rolling out Allo, just in time to meet its summer launch timeframe. The latest chat messaging app from the company is meant to take on the likes of WhatsApp, WeChat, and iMessage and comes with features that have been standard on these messaging services for quite some time.

This includes features like Stickers, emoji, and more. What separates Allo from other chat messaging apps out there is that it comes integrated with Google Assistant, the company’s new virtual assistant and successor to Google Now. Thanks to Assistant, Allo will be able to automatically suggest you replies, pull up relevant information surrounding the conversation that you are having, and more.

Unlike Hangouts, Allo does not tie into your Google account. It is instead tied to your phone number, which also means that any point of time it can only run on one device.

The Play Store listing of Allo has just gone live, so it might not show up immediately on your Android device. You can, however, grab the APK of the app from here.

Download: Allo