Google Photos Can Now Backup ‘Preview’ Quality Photos on 2G Connection; Duo Gains Audio Calling Functionality

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 23 Mar 2017

Google has announced new updates to Allo, Duo, and Google Photos to better cater to users who have access to slow and spotty data network. 

For Duo — Google’s video calling app for iOS and Android, the company is introducing the option to only make voice calls. Google says voice calls are perfect for users who have access to a slow data connection or who are about to catch a metro or any other form of public transport.

Voice calls in Duo will be first available for users in Brazil from today, with a wider roll out across the globe scheduled to start in a few days.

The new update to Allo, Google’s new messaging platform, adds support for sending and receiving any kind of documents and files through the app for Android users. Brazilian users will also get access to Smart Smiley feature in Portuguese that makes use of machine learning to automatically suggest emojis.

Lastly, for Google Photos user on iOS and Android, Google is introducing an option to backup photos in a ‘preview’ quality over 2G connection. These photos will still look good when viewed on a smartphone, and they will be automatically replaced with their high quality versions when the device has access to a WiFi network.

Google is also making it easier to share photos for users on a slow connection, with photos first being shared with your friends and family in low resolution if you are on a slow data connection.

All the new features above are being first rolled out to users in Brazil, with a global roll out scheduled over the next few days.

[Via Google]