Global MIUI 10 Announced with Focus on Speed, Fullscreen Design, and AI

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 7 Jun 2018

Global MIUI 10 Announced with Focus on Speed, Design, and AI

Alongside the Redmi Y2, Xiaomi also unveiled the global version of MIUI 10. The update focuses on four key aspects: speed, design, sounds, and portrait mode.

Xiaomi introduced a bunch of speed improvements and optimizations with MIUI 9, and with MIUI 10, it has further managed to reduce app loading times by 10 percent. It might seem like a small difference but MIUI 9 was already known for its quick app loading times.

As for design, Xiaomi has redesigned certain aspects of the UI for devices with an 18:9 or 19:9 aspect ratio display. It has reduced the visual clutter by removing elements that were not required from the UI and which also take better advantage of the taller displays found in smartphone nowadays. The notification shade/quick settings along with many of the system apps have been completely redesigned in MIUI 10 to take advantage of the taller displays found in almost all Xiaomi smartphones nowadays.

Further, MIUI 10 comes with iPhone X-like gestures which replace the on-screen navigation bar completely. The gestures are similar to that of iPhone X, though Xiaomi has redesigned the Recent Apps view with a new vertical layout instead of horizontal like Apple and Google. It says this new layout takes better advantage of the taller aspect ratio found in most displays and shows more content at any given time.

Coming to sounds, Xiaomi has based them on the sounds of nature. The notification tone is of a water droplet and what’s unique here is that every successive incoming notification has a different water droplet tone.


Xiaomi is also bringing AI to MIUI 10’s camera app thereby offering AI portraits on its older devices featuring a single camera setup. Initially, Xiaomi will support AI portraits with the front camera and then gradually roll it out for the rear camera. The AI behind this portrait mode is based on 100,000+ photos and has been optimized for capturing details.

MIUI 10 also has a number of optimizations for India. This includes native Paytm QR code scanning integration in the camera app, the ability to locate closest ATMs/branches to you from incoming bank messages, and more.

Xiaomi will start rolling out the first beta of MIUI 10 for Mi Mix 2, Mi 6, Mi 5s, Mi 4, and Mi Note 2 followed by Redmi Note 5/Pro, Redmi Note 4, and others in mid-June.