Ubuntu Lockscreen brings Ubuntu Touch’s lock screen to your Android device

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 17 Aug 2013


While Ubuntu Touch is still in development stages, its development build provided enough peek into the OS UI and UX for Android users to drool over. If you are drooling over the lock screen of Ubuntu Touch, fret not since developer’s Rotary Heart app, Ubuntu Lockscreen, is here!

The app will replace the stock lock screen of your Android device and instead emulate Ubuntu Touch’s lock screen. In the center of the lock screen will be a circle which will show if you have any new notification or not. Make sure you set the Ubuntu lockscreen app as an Accessibility service from under Settings -> Security -> Accessibility so that the app has access to all your notifications.

Below is the feature list of the app as mentioned on its Play Store page -:

  • All notifications can be shown, just enable the Accessibility Service and set it up.

  • Password security (More unique security types to come)

  • Animations

  • Locking timer

  • Easy to use music buttons

To unlock your Android device, you will need to swipe from the right edge of the screen. You can also customize the unlocking animation which is a nice touch. Widget wise, Ubuntu lockscreen only allows for the music widget just below the center notification circle.

While Ubuntu Lockscreen is a very nice effort from its developer, its clearly a work in progress, which is depicted from the beta tag on its XDA thread. The app still has some rough edges, including the stock lock screen still coming up every once in a while. The developer also needs to add support for additional widgets, and polish the Settings section slightly.

Ubuntu Lockscreen can be downloaded for free from the Play Store.