Samsung Galaxy Alpha is the first smartphone to use Corning’s Gorilla Glass 4

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 11 Dec 2014

Corning Gorilla Glass 4

Late last month, Corning unveiled the Gorilla Glass 4, which offers greater protection during device drops. As the case usually is, it was widely expected that the Gorilla Glass 4 would make its way to the market with the next-generation of Android smartphones slated to be released in Q1 next year.

As it turns out though, Samsung has already released a smartphone that makes use of Corning’s Gorilla Glass 4: the Galaxy Alpha. According to Corning, the Gorilla Glass used on the Alpha is only 0.4mm thin.

“Corning spends a great deal of time collaborating with Samsung to recommend solutions that will continually improve their device design and performance,” said Cliff Hund, general manager and president, Corning East Asia. “Device makers want to go thinner without sacrificing damage resistance. Samsung is not only meeting these requirements, but is on the cutting edge of smartphone design. The Galaxy ALPHA is the culmination of our close collaboration with Samsung.”

Corning states that the Gorilla Glass 4 is at least 2x stronger than other competing glasses in the market, and has an 80% chance of surviving a 1ft. high drop when compared to soda-lime glass.