How to disable lock screen password on your Android device when connected to your Home Wi-Fi network

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 28 Aug 2013


Using a secure lock screen is kind of a necessity nowadays considering the amount of personal data our smartphones contain. The need to protect that data from prying eyes is very important, unless you don’t really care much about your privacy. However, many a times I have found the pattern or PIN unlock to come in my way of using my device. While it may enhance security, it comes in as an additional barrier between me and my device. 

There are certain places, like my Home or Office, where I can use my Android device without the need of any secure lock screen. However, enabling and disabling the lock screen every time I am in home or at work is just another too cumbersome.

In comes Unlock with Wi-Fi, which gives you the best of both world by automatically toggling your secure lock screen depending on your location. Okay, not really location but the Wi-Fi network your phone is connected to. The app allows its users to specify the names of the Wi-Fi network on which it should disable the lock screen.

For security reasons though, after the first time the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network, users will still need to enter the unlock code or pattern for security purposes. Post that, only the standard Android lock screen will show up. Unlock with Wi-Fi can also automatically turn off the Wi-Fi of your device, when ever you leave your home, along with providing options to enable GPS, Bluetooth and more.

The trial version of Unlock with Wi-Fi will work for four days, after which users will need to buy the paid version ($5) of the app.