Cover, the contextually aware lock screen, lands on the Play Store

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 13 Dec 2013


A couple of months ago, the Coverscreen team gave us a glimpse to their contextually aware lock screen replacement app – Cover. The app has been under a closed beta since then and has received 100+ improvements and tweaks. Today, the app lands on the Play Store in the United States, Europe and Canada, providing Android users the ability to make their lock screen a smart one. 

Cover’s basic idea is to present its users with the right app at the right time. Think of something like Aviate — which automatically provides you with relevant icons depending on your location — for your lock screen.

Cover is the fastest way to get to the right apps at the right time. It’s a smart lockscreen that replaces the standard lockscreen of your Android phone. It’s compatible with almost all launchers. Cover has four main features:

1) The right apps at the right time
2) Peek: quickly see what’s new and launch apps with a swipe
3) Jump directly between apps
4) Smart settings

Cover is not without its issues, though. It lacks some really basic customization options, including the ability to select which apps show up on your lock screen. Also, the app does not really work well if you use a PIN or Pattern lock on your Android device. You cannot use lock screen widgets with Cover as well, which might be a deal breaker for many.

Sadly, since the app relies on your location to automatically list you relevant apps, it is only available in the USA, Canada and Europe. Hopefully, the Cover team will look into expanding the Play Store availability of the app down the line.

Cover is still in beta so expect some niggles here and there. Do make sure to let the developers know what you think about the app.

Download: Cover