Boot Box makes changing the boot animation on your Android device a breeze

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 9 Jan 2014

Ever felt like changing the stock boot animation of your Android device with something more funky or cool? Generally, changing boot animations is a tricky process even if you have root access. You will have to make sure that you have a boot animation in a format supported by your device and in the correct resolution, which is another huge task in itself.

Boot Box, developed by Santiago Gutierrez, aims to solve that problem and allows you to easily replace the boot animation on your Android device. The app is currently in beta but worked without any issues on my Nexus 5 and 7. Sadly, the app does not work with the various devices from Samsung Galaxy series and HTC.

Boot Box also has a community maintained database of boot animations that users of the app can easily install on their Android device. The app also provides YouTube preview of the boot animation, whenever applicable.


Below is the full feature list of the app -:

-Dynamic Database. Animations are fetched and updated dynamically from a database on the Boot Box server.

-Categories: show/hide certain animation categories.

-Upload your boot animations directly from the Boot Box app.
The built-in Boot Box Uploader creates the required resources for you, including the GIF Preview.

-Scrambler: allows you to play a different boot animation at every boot.

-Boot Box Factory: create your own boot animations straight from Boot Box! Creating a static animation will allow you to show your favorite picture on boot up. Creating a Slideshow animation will allow you to display multiple pictures on boot up, each for a set amount of time!

-Animations can be previewed via a YouTube video (if the uploader provides a link), via a GIF preview, or via a ZIP preview (the animation is downloaded and played in a simulated environment).

-Animations have a thumbnail that gives you a small idea of the animation before previewing it.

-Local Boot Animation ZIP previewing, installing, and GIF creation (thanks to XDA Developer D4rKn3sSyS).

-Flexible boot animation and cache locations for different devices

The app also makes it ridiculously easy to make your own boot animation and apply it or upload it to its database. The Scrambler feature deserves a special mention since it set a random boot animation for every boot.

Even with so many features, Boot Box is completely free to download and use. Head over to the Play Store to download the app but make sure you have root access.