Beware of all the fake BBM apps on the Play Store

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 21 Sep 2013


Today is the day BlackBerry releases its massively popular BlackBerry Messaging a.k.a BBM for iOS and Android. While the iOS version is already out in some countries, the Android version is yet to go live on the Play Store.

Now, taking advantage of all the hype and excitement around BBM launch are SEO spammers. The Play Store is filled with fake BBM Messenger apps, that do nothing except for stealing your personal data, when installed on your Android device.

So, sit tight and have patience. Don’t be fooled by these fake BBM Messenger apps on the Play Store. The first way to spot a fake BBM app is the logo. The logo might look similar at first glance, but its not – look closely. After that, the publisher name, reviews, product description will also help in making sure that you are installing the right app or not.

There is another leak version of the original BBM app that is floating around on the Internet. While the APK works, it is a very early build and has quite a few issues. Its better to hold out for the final version, which should be out within hours from now.

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