Five to Try: Not Hotdog is a perfect July 4th gag app, and Futurama: World of Tomorrow opens up

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We’re only a few days away from the Fourth of July, and if you plan to celebrate Independence Day at a party with pals, then you might want to grab HBO’s Not Hotdog app. You don’t have to be a fan of Silicon Valley to appreciate this neural network-powered gag, which manages to be both weirdly brilliant and impressively pointless. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something a bit more useful, then Adidas’ new All Day fitness and health app might help you stay on track amidst holiday shenanigans. And if you just want to have fun on your Android device, then Futurama: World of Tomorrow and Oxenfree are both worth a look, along with the feature-boosting new Twitch update. 

Not Hotdog

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I didn't have a real hot dog handy, but the app still nailed it.

Are you having trouble determining if an item is a hot dog… or not a hot dog? This uncommon conundrum could derail a meal, let alone your entire day, but finally there’s a solution: Not Hotdog. This app lets you snap a photo or pull an image from your camera roll, and then it uses the power of a neural network to determine whether what’s pictured is a hot dog or not.

Yes, it’s obviously a joke app—and yet it’s a surprisingly complex one. Not Hotdog is based on a storyline from this season of HBO’s Silicon Valley (here’s the relevant, NSFW clip), which has been turned into a fully functional app that uses AI to determine what’s being shown. In fact, here’s an incredibly extensive article about how it was made. Not Hotdog’s limited functionality means it probably won’t become Shazam for food, but it might crack up some pals at your next BBQ.

Futurama: World of Tomorrow

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Gradually fill your world with Futurama nonsense.

Futurama may be done as a TV show, but the franchise lives on in the world of mobile games. After last year’s very solid Game of Drones, now we have Futurama: World of Tomorrow, essentially the show’s take on The Simpsons: Tapped Out and Family Guy: Quest for Stuff. In fact, it’s developed by the same company as the latter.

World of Tomorrow lets you build up your city of New New York with familiar landmarks and items from the show, giving you an endless amount of busywork tasks to complete in exchange for currency. But at least this game adds a bit more action in the form of battles, which shift to a retro pixel aesthetic. For the most part, it’s a familiar freemium diversion, but with new animation bits and writing from the creative team (including Matt Groening), it could be a pretty funny one, at least. 

Adidas All Day

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Get (or stay) on track with Adidas All Day.

There’s no shortage of fitness tracking and health-boosting apps on the Play Store, but if you’re a bigger fan of Adidas’ stripes than, say, Nike’s swoosh, then maybe All Day will grab your interest. Just launched this week, All Day is Adidas’ attempt to provide an all-in-one health and fitness hub, which can automatically track your steps and estimate burned calories, as well as let you manually track activities.

It also offers some original content for boosting other parts of your healthy lifestyle, including yoga and fitness videos, and recipe. And All Day will also send you reminders to keep you on track with exercise and eating plans. All Day’s marketing is focused on women, but anyone can benefit from this free app. 


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Ah, teen drama… and ghosts, too.

Acclaimed indie quest Oxenfree ($5) has been gradually rolling out across platforms since last year, and now it’s on Android. If you like choose-your-own-adventure storytelling, supernatural overtones, and '80s teen movies, then you'll probably dig this tale about a group of friends who decide to have a bash on an abandoned island… with some unexpected guests.

See, Alex and her pals accidentally unlock a portal to a ghostly realm along the way, and you’ll have to solve puzzles and navigate conversations to make it out alive. You’re given a lot of control over the dialogue, which feels very fluid and authentic, and the relationships between the friends and family members can change significantly based on your actions. It’s a really neat little story game to get lost in for a while. 


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You'd watch my IRL stream, right?

Twitch is a gaming phenomenon, as more than 100 million viewers tune in every month to watch other people play video games—whether they’re streaming high-level online play, solo campaign action, or footage from esports competitions. And now the Twitch app has become significantly more useful with the release of the 5.0 update.

The visual and navigational shift is the most obvious addition, as the app gets a makeover that splits content into three categories: Live, Pulse, and Browse. That makes it easier to follow the channels and creators you already know while also discovering new feeds. But there’s an even bigger function built in: live streaming. IRL (“in real life”) streams have been growing in popularity on Twitch, especially from established personalities, and now they (and you) will be able to share footage directly from device cameras.

The 5.0 update is rolling out now and should reach everyone in the coming days. If you're not seeing it, you can grab the signed APK file from APK Mirror right now.

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