Galaxy S8+ Unboxing: A whole lot more than a phone

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 18 Apr 2017

couldn’t have been more excited when we heard our Galaxy S8+ was finally arriving in the mail. But when it got here, it was even better than we thought. It wasn’t the usual small cardboard box that we generally get from manufacturers—it was a two–a-half-foot tall black box with no markings. And we couldn’t wait to get it open.

But we wanted to share the experience with you, mainly because we couldn’t underst why a phone would need such a giant box. s it filled with packing peanuts? Did they send us 100 phones by mistake? s it a late April Fool’s Day joke? So, before we took it out of the box we grabbed a video camera filmed the whole process. And we were pretty surprised by what we found inside.